Lend xBANK

Lend xBANK offers users a secure and sustainable investment opportunity within the BaseBank ecosystem. By following a straightforward process of purchasing BANK tokens, converting them into xBANK, and utilizing xBANK to lend, users can enjoy a daily interest rate of 1%. However, when users decide to withdraw their xBANK, they should be aware that a waiting period of 12 hours is in place. This waiting period serves multiple purposes, ensuring system stability, preventing spam orders to smart contracts, and maintaining a healthy lending ecosystem.

How to Lend xBANK

When users initiate the lending process, they first need to acquire BANK tokens, which can be obtained through swapping. Once users possess BANK tokens, they can easily convert them into xBANK within the BaseBank platform. This conversion allows users to leverage the benefits and opportunities associated with xBANK. Here are detailed steps to join our Lending

  1. Buy BANK on DEX or here

  2. Go to BANK Portal to Convert BANK to xBANK

  3. Go to Lending and start lend your xBANK

With xBANK in their possession, users can participate in the lending pool and earn a daily interest rate of 1% on their investment. This attractive yield enables users to generate steady returns, promoting sustainable growth and financial stability.

Withdrawal Process

It's important to note that when users choose to withdraw their xBANK, a waiting period of 12 hours is implemented. This waiting period has several key reasons.

  • Firstly, it ensures the stability of the system by limiting the frequency of withdrawal requests and preventing potential security and stability issues that may arise from a high volume of simultaneous transactions.

  • Additionally, the waiting period helps prevent spam orders to smart contracts. By imposing a delay on withdrawals, BaseBank can effectively manage the flow of transactions, reducing the risk of unintended consequences caused by an excessive number of requests.

  • Moreover, the withdrawal period of 12 hours helps maintain the health of the lending ecosystem by preventing bank runs. This time allows borrowers sufficient opportunity to repay their loans with interest, ensuring a steady and consistent cash flow within the system. By avoiding sudden mass withdrawals, the lending ecosystem remains stable and avoids potential liquidity issues.

BaseBank prioritizes the security and stability of its platform. The waiting period for xBANK withdrawals is a precautionary measure that contributes to the overall reliability and integrity of the system. It ensures a controlled and sustainable environment for both lenders and borrowers.

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