Road Map

  1. Research and Development:

    • Conduct in-depth research and feasibility studies to refine the technical aspects of BaseBank, including the eye-scanning technology for user authentication.

    • Develop and test the decentralized exchange (DEX) component, ensuring efficient asset swapping and liquidity pool management.

    • Design and implement the Credit Ranking System based on Credit Points, outlining the criteria for users to increase their Credit Points by locking xBANK tokens.

  2. Platform Development:

    • Begin development of the BaseBank platform, focusing on creating a user-friendly interface and integrating the DEX functionality.

    • Implement the eye-scanning technology for user authentication, ensuring a secure environment for financial transactions.

  3. Partnerships and Marketing:

    • Forge strategic partnerships with blockchain projects, decentralized finance platforms, and liquidity providers to enhance the ecosystem and ensure adequate liquidity for the DEX.

    • Launch a marketing campaign to create awareness about BaseBank, highlighting its unique features and benefits. Engage with the crypto community, influencers, and potential users to build a strong user base.

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