How to get more Credit Points

To increase your Credit Points in BaseBank, there are several methods available:

  • Participate in the Galxe Campaign: By taking part in the Galxe campaign, users have the opportunity to acquire exclusive NFTs. Obtaining these NFTs can contribute to increasing your Credit Points.

  • Lock xLIN into NFT: By locking more xLIN tokens into an NFT and extending the lock duration, you can earn additional Credit Points. The longer you lock your xLIN and the higher the quantity, the more Credit Points you will receive. After the lockup period, users can claim their tokens back without any deduction to their accumulated Credit Points. There are five significant milestones based on the amount of xLIN locked.

  • Lend xLIN: Utilizing xLIN for lending purposes also helps boost your Credit Points. The more you lend, the higher your Credit Points and the corresponding Credit Points. After lending, 0.05 CP will be increased for every $1 lent. However, when withdrawing, the points will no longer increase.

  • Timely Borrowing and Repayment: Borrowing funds and repaying them punctually also contributes to earning Credit Points. This responsible behavior is taken into account and positively impacts your Credit Points.

  • Eye Scan Verification: Users have the option to increase their Credit Points by scanning their eyes. However, eye scans can only be used to reach the Fair level. Once users attain the Fair level, eye scans will no longer contribute to earning additional Credit Points. It's important to note that all users are required to scan their eyes at least once for each wallet as a verification measure.

By engaging in these activities and accumulating Credit Points, users can enhance their Credit Points and enjoy the associated benefits, such as improved interest rates and access to favorable loan terms. The Credit Point system encourages responsible financial behavior and helps maintain a balanced and secure lending environment within BaseBank.

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