Add Pool

BaseBank offers users the ability to contribute to liquidity pools, allowing other users to participate in the swapping ecosystem actively. We will give you an overview of the process of adding pools in BaseBank, along with the associated benefits and considerations.

In BaseBank, adding a liquidity pool means contributing assets and becoming a liquidity provider. By doing so, users can earn fees and rewards while improving liquidity within the ecosystem.

Steps to Add a Pool:

To add a pool in BaseBank, follow these steps:

1. Connect Wallet: Connect your wallet to the BaseBank platform to access your token balances and interact with the protocol.

2. Select Pool Addition: Go to the BaseBank interface and choose the option to add a new pool. Select the desired token pair for your pool.

3. Specify Pool Details: Enter the relevant details, including the tokens you want to provide liquidity for and the desired allocation percentages. Utilize real-time information provided by BaseBank to make informed decisions.

4. Approve and Deposit Tokens: Grant the protocol access to your tokens and deposit them into the newly created pool. Smart contracts ensure the security and tracking of your deposited assets.

5. Pool Activation: Once your tokens are deposited, the pool becomes active and contributes to the overall liquidity in BaseBank. Your deposited tokens are now available for swapping, generating fees, and benefiting other users.

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