Revenue stream

DEX Exchange Fee

BaseBank generates revenue through its decentralized exchange (DEX) platform. BaseBank charges a fee of 0.3% for each transaction conducted on the DEX. This fee is applied to the transaction volume and contributes to the revenue of BaseBank. It is collected from users as a percentage of the transaction amount and provides a consistent source of income for the platform.

Learn more about the DEX fee here

Allocation of Fast Redeem Penalty

When users choose a vesting duration lower than the maximum allowed during the redeem process, resulting in a conversion ratio between xLIN and LIN that is less than 1:1, a Fast Redeem Penalty is imposed. BaseBank allocates 10% of the penalized xLIN tokens from the Fast Redeem Penalty to the BaseBank team as part of their revenue strategy.

Learn more about Fast Redeem Penalty Allocation here

Listing Fee and Platform Fee of BaseBank's Launchpad

BaseBank's Launchpad offers services for token listings and platform usage. BaseBank charges listing fees from projects seeking to list their tokens on the platform as part of our revenue model. Additionally, a platform fee is collected from users who utilize the Launchpad for various purposes, such as fundraising, token sales, or project launches. These fees contribute to the overall revenue of BaseBank and support the maintenance and development of their platform.

Future Revenue Sources

BaseBank aims to explore additional revenue streams. One potential source of income is establishing a verified community and a transparent credit history system. Leveraging their eye scanning technology and lending and borrowing system, BaseBank plans to offer services that enable users to build verified communities and establish transparent credit histories. By partnering with organizations struggling to develop communities, BaseBank can solve user problems while generating revenue. The platform may also engage in other activities to increase revenue while maintaining transparency, ensuring user information security, and benefiting users and their partners. This indicates a focus on innovation and diversification of revenue sources to sustain the growth of BaseBank.

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