The Launchpad feature in BaseBank can serve as a platform for other projects to launch and distribute their tokens to the community.

Project submission process

We provide a user-friendly interface for project creators to submit their projects for consideration. Project creators should provide essential details such as project's name, token symbol, total supply, initial distribution plan, and any other relevant information.

Verification and due diligence

To ensure the legitimacy and quality of the projects being launched, BaseBank implements a rigorous verification and due diligence process. This process involves conducting thorough checks on:

  • The token's smart contract code

  • Performing security audits

  • Evaluating the credentials of the project team

  • Reviewing the project roadmap.

By undertaking these measures, BaseBank aims to protect investors from potential scams or unreliable projects, promoting a secure investment environment.

Launching mechanism

Our launchpad offer various options for token distribution, such as a fixed price sale, Dutch auction, or decentralized auction. This allows token creators to choose the most suitable method for their project's needs. Implement fair and transparent rules to allocate tokens to participants, such as first-come-first-serve, lottery-based systems, or tiered allocation based on the number of platform tokens held.

Investor protection

Measurements to protect investors from fraudulent projects. Require thorough KYC verification processes to prevent unauthorized or anonymous participation. Encourage transparent communication between token creators and investors through the platform, allowing users to ask questions and receive updates throughout the launch process.

This process will provide an Outstanding tag called "KYC" on the side of the project name

Token distribution and liquidity

After the launch, we provide mechanisms for automatic listing and liquidity provision. Integrate with our decentralized liquidity protocols - BaseBank to ensure immediate liquidity for the newly launched tokens. This allows users to trade the tokens freely and avoids potential liquidity issues.

Community voting and engagement

Foster community involvement by allowing token holders to vote on the inclusion of new tokens in the launchpad. This empowers the community to influence the projects they want to see listed and ensures a more decentralized decision-making process.

Analytics and reporting

We provide comprehensive analytics and reporting tools for both token creators and investors. This includes information on token sale performance, investor participation, token price fluctuations, and other relevant metrics. These insights help users make informed decisions and track the progress of their investments.

How to join for users

Users who want to join the Launching campaign on our Launchpad must Lock their xLIN into Credit NFT to commit and receive allocations of the Launchpad. Our allocation mechanism allows users who lock a small amount of xLIN still have a chance to receive allocation due to the Lucky rate you have. However, the more xLIN is locked into Credit NFT, the luckier it gets to receive allocations.

Learn how to Lock xLIN to Credit NFT here

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